• Scientific research design

    Strong global water-saving irrigation equipment manufacturing enterprises

    Scientific research design

  • Development and production

    Customize equipment and provide technical support to the global market

    Development and production

  • Manufacture and sale

    Have a wealth of resources and skills to help users solve irrigation solutions

    Manufacture and sale

  • Installation service

    We insist that the needs of our users are the first starting point for all our actions

    Installation service

It is a collection of scientific research, design, development and
manufacturing Sales and installation services in one

Excellent after-sales service and technical support
Fast professional buy is easy to use

Whether in the pre-sale, sale or after sale, certified and trained professional and technical personnel will provide you with thoughtful, detailed and comprehensive service
  • Original parts

    The water company has a complete spare parts warehouse all over the country. All the parts and accessories of water products, from insurance to welded pipe fittings, can be replaced and repaired in a timely manner, greatly shortening the maintenance cycle.

  • Professional sales force

    The sales team is composed of professionals with extensive experience in the field of irrigation and machinery. All employees have been systematically trained and have obtained relevant professional certifications...

  • User training

    After purchasing Zhongshui products, you will successively receive user training provided by Zhongshui Company or sales staff, equipment installation and supporting, commissioning operation, maintenance and so on.

  • Timely service

    Trained and certified professional and technical personnel can provide you with timely and high-quality technical support and services, including: terrain mapping, equipment selection and positioning before purchase...

Zhong shui Irrigation and drainage · hand in hand with the future

Do the world's excellent sprinkler equipment manufacturers

In the coming days, Jiangsu Water still hopes to get your trust and support as always

The company warmly welcomes friends from all walks of life
at home and abroad to visit and cooperate

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